Julie Berendt

 Master Student





Email: emaildajulie@yahoo.com.br


Currently enrolled in master´s program



I’m currently finishing my master´s degree at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto in Physical engineering, and my field of work is functionalized polymers with photoresponsive properties for non-linear optics and nanotemplates applications. So far I gathered some expertise on the experimental processes involved on the production and optical characterization of  birefringence and surface relief gratings in azopolymers. In 2005 I participated on the 8th. Parabolic Flight Campaign as a support member, where I helped building and adjusting an interferometer which was robust and reliable enough to monitor the dynamics of Faraday Waves on zero-gravity conditions.  For four years I have been presenting the Eureka’s room – an experiments room at the physics department which is an interface between the various facets of physics and the outside community, with experiments going from mechanics to magnetism and optics. Groups from different ages and backgrounds come every Wednesday to see their reality from a different point of view.


I also have a passion for astronomy; in 2002 I enrolled two courses on positional astronomy and gazing the stars along the seasons in south (when possible) and north hemispheres is one of my hobbies. Physics is a passion but it’s not what I always did. Working at a hospital by the age of 20 and as a bank collector some years later, together with other jobs where addressing the public on an active or passive way was a constant task, helped me to develop some soft skills that makes me quite suitable for group work and gave me the confidence to take decisions or lead whenever those things are needed.