Cledson Gonçalves

 PhD Student






Physics PhD Student in the University of Porto

Master’s degree in the University Federal of Pernambuco

Graduate student in the University Federal of Maranhão




I have worked in the following topics:

1) Nonlinear optical ultrar-fast to study the dynamics of demagnetization in magnetic films: we are developing an experimental apparatus for degenerate pump-probe with a resolution of a few femtoseconds for the study of magnetic properties in thin films.

2) In the study of coherent optical and nonlinear effects in atomic systems. We investigated optical processes including optical phase conjugation by four-wave mixing and the electromagnetically induced transparency in the hyperfine structure of the atom of cesium.

Due to my research activity, I have acquired experience in the fabrication of nanostructures by different methods, since self-assembled (anodization and polymerization processes) to top-down techniques (lithographic and sputtering processes), and the characterization of their related magnetic properties.