Benjamín Alonso

 Post-Doctoral Fellow





Work: +351 220120029 (internal 40365)



PhD. in Physics. Department of Condensed Matter Physics. University of Zaragoza. Spain (December, 2010)



I graduated in Physics in the University of Salamanca (USAL) in 2007. The summer of 2007, I stayed 2 months in the Institute of Optics of the CSIC (Madrid, Spain), working in the visual optics lab. Afterwards, I coursed a Master programme in Physics and Technology of Lasers in the USAL (2007-08) and started my PhD, which I have completed in 2012. During my PhD in ultrashort and ultraintense lasers, my work was focused on the energy scaling-up of pulse post-compression by means of filamentation, and the characterization of the pulses in the spatiotemporal domain. For this purpose, we developed a technique, known as STARFISH, which is based on spatially-resolved spectral interferometry. In 2011, I stayed 4 months at the IFIMUP (University of Porto), where I could learn techniques to generate, manipulate and characterize pulses in the few-cycle regime (with durations well below 10 fs). In 2013, I have joined the IFIMUP as postdoc researcher, where I am working in the research line of ultrafast lasers