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Ultrafast Lasers and Magnetodynamic Spectroscopies

The group’s activities in the field of ultrafast laser science and technology are both theoretical and experimental, encompassing the development and application of novel ultrafast light sources and techniques and their application to time-resolved studies of new materials, including low-dimensional magnetic structures, at unprecedented temporal resolutions and wavelength ranges. Recent achievements include the invention of a new method for the simultaneous measurement and control of ultrashort laser pulses dubbed dispersion-scan (d-scan), the demonstration of a unique source of intense laser pulses with a perfectly stabilized phase and record durations of only 3.0 femtoseconds (single-cycle regime), the introduction of new methods for the generation of femtosecond pulses in the deep-ultraviolet range, the first demonstration of broadband ultrafast third-harmonic generation in graphene, and the development of alternative ultrafast pump-probe and high-frequency magnetodynamic techniques.