Abílio Almeida

 Group Leader



Email: amalmeid@fc.up.pt

Work: 00351 220402348



Research fields:

Multiferroic states in condensed matter

Commensurate and incommensurate modulated structures

Non-ergodicity and frustration in dipolar glasses and disorder effects in solid solutions

Critical dynamics in solids containing water molecules

Size and dimensional effects in thin films and nanostructures

Microstructure, dielectric properties and dynamics in ferroelectrics relaxors

Hydrogen bonds in condensed matter and superionic states

Mesostates in liquid crystals studied by Raman scattering

Non-linear optics

Theory and modelling



Dielectrics in the form of single crystals, ceramics, thin films, superlattices and nano-layered structures


Experimental techniques:

Raman spectroscopy

X-ray diffraction

Elastic neutron scattering

Infrared spectroscopy

Electronic paramagnetic resonance

Complex dielectric constant and dielectric relaxation

Thermal stimulated currents and polar relaxation

Polarization inversion, and hysteresis cycles

Ultrasound determination of complex elastic constants

Piezoelectric resonance