Marcelo Barbosa

PhD Student







- Master in Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Science, Porto University, Portugal, 2010.

  Thesis Title: Implementation of "ab initio" Perturbed Angular Correlation Observables for Analysis of

                      Fluctuating Quadrupole Interactions

- Graduation in Physics, Faculty of Sciences, Porto University, Portugal, 2008.



M. B. Barbosa graduated in Physics by the University of Porto (UP) in 2008 and completed his Master in Theoretical Physics by the same institution in 2010.

Nowadays he is doing his Ph.D. in IFIMUP, in collaboration with ISOLDE-CERN, focusing on ‘Nuclear Nanoscopy methods applied to Material’s Science, thin films and nanowires’.

He has been involved in CERN projects financed by FCT since 2009, has 2 papers in international peer review journals, 1 Inside Back Cover, 1 invited communication and 6 oral and 2 poster communications in international conferences and scientifical events.