João Pedro Araújo


Group Leader



Rua do Campo Alegre, 687

Porto , Portugal 4169-007


Work: +351220402334




1997- 1st year Master in physics (UP)

2002- PhD In physics(UP)



I have been actively engaged in research devoted to the preparation and fundamental studies on materials exhibiting strong interplay between electronic, spin, orbital and lattice degree of freedom, in particular the colossal magnetoresistive oxides (manganites) and the high Tc superconducting ceramics, both massive and thin films. Both bulk property measurements (transport and magnetic techniques) and local probe techniques have been used (Perturbed Angular Correlation).

More recently I began research on an emerging class of magnetic compounds, where peculiar magneto-structural transitions (martensitic-like) are driven by the electronic fluid. These materials offer, besides fundamental science, tantalizing technological applications, namely for a new generation of magnetic refrigeration and advanced magnetostrictive sensors. I am also working thin film preparation (Ion bem Deposition and Laser Ablation) and physical aspects of nanodevices, in particular spin valve and tunnel-junctions.

In addition I am interested in bottom up-approaches for nanofabrication namely using nanoporous alumina templates and on using them for various application ranging from optics, solar/water-splitting –cells up to biotechnological applications.