Gonçalo Oliveira

PhD Student




Email: goliveira@fc.up.pt

Work: +351220402356



Degree in “Physics and Chemistry” and a Master in “Chemistry” by the faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. Before the master a one year passage by the Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar institute where obtained a Pos-graduation in “Forensic Sciences”.

Ingression in the Materials Physics Institute of the University of Porto – Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for the purpose of performing the experimental work required to the Masters thesis, and where at the present time is enrolled as a PhD student in the field of materials science.

The hyperfine characterization by the use of the Perturbed Angular Correlation technique that is required in current work, allows to work with several other institution, namely the Center of Nuclear Physics of the University of Lisbon and more important the international Laboratory CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research.