André Pereira


Invited Professor




2005- Master on Computational Methods for Science and Engineering (FEUP, Portugal)
2009- PhD In physics (FCUP)


I have being engaged on the development of innovative devices/sensors for Micro/Nanopower supply, Thermal Sensors and Temperature control based on physics concepts, such Thermoelectric, Triboelectric, Seebeck and Magnetocaloric effects. Furthermore, in strong collaboration with chemistry group, I’m also working on the field of magnetic nanoparticles and Silica nanoparticles for being used on catalysis, biomedical application (MRI and hyperthermia) and textiles. More recently I’m being stablishing more connection with industrial companies for development/application of the microdevices developed in my research. I also performed several short and long-term stages on diversified international World-top institutions in several countries of Europe – Netherland (HFML), Spain (INA), France (LNCMP) and USA (ORNL-SNS, ANL-APS and Ames University). Between 2010 and 2012 I did a mixed post-doc between IFIMUP (Dr. João Pedro Araújo) and ORNL-USA (Dr. Bryan Chakomakous). In 2013 I was Research Associate in group of Professor L. Cohen at Imperial College London (UK), being still currently linked to ICL as academic visitor.