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IFIMUP has a long tradition and is internationally recognized for its fundamental research on the physics of advanced materials with significant scientific and technological impact, through the detailed, accurate and systematic characterization of a wide range of physical properties over extended ranges of temperature, magnetic and electric fields. The research activity covers the Physics of Transition Metal Oxides, Polariazable Materials, Magnetic Materials, Ferroelectrics and related Materials, Multiferroics and Magnetoelectrics, Colossal magnetoresistance compounds and Oxide Conductors”. The scientific activity has also extended to the use of non-invasive spectroscopic techniques (Raman, SERS) for biomedical proposes.


In the last decade nanotechnologies have been introduced and extended research has been done in the areas of magnetic, ferroic, magnetoelectric and multiferroic thin films, nanogranular and nanostructured magnetic and ferroelectric films, namely multilayers, spin valves and magnetically/electrically driven tunnel junctions. In parallel, fundamental research is being performed in layered/nanostratified materials having giant magnetocaloric and magnetostrictive effects.


More recently, the research activities at IFIMUP have been complemented with significant new work and facilities for ultrafast laser pulse generation and applications. IFIMUP hosts unique systems capable of generating phase-stabilized pulses in the single-cycle regime, unique diagnostics for their measurement and control, and is now using these sources to the study and control of carrier and spin dynamics in many promising materials and at unprecedented temporal resolutions.