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IFIMUP researchers André Pereira, Hélder Crespo, João Ventura and Rosa Romero  besides playing an active role in IFIMUP scientific research forefront have shown how the scientific  knowledge developed in the academia, including in IFIMUP and in the University of Porto, can be transposed to the industry to develop well established companies.  Already two spin offs have been funded including  Sphere Ultrafast Photonics in 2013 and more recently i.nanoEnergy in 2017.

Sphere Ultraphast Photonics was founded in September 2013 By Hélder Crespo and Rosa Romero, from IFIMUP, and Anne L'Huillier, Miguel Miranda, Cord Arnold and Thomas Fordell from Lund University, Sweden. The company's efforts focus on ultra-fast laser systems providing new solutions for the control of these systems as well its measurements. The company products allow clients to achieve better performances of femtosecond lasers applications  as well allows clients the study of new  laser-matter interaction s at an incredible smaller time scale.

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i.nanoEnergy was founded in 2017 by André Pereira, João Ventura, Joel Puga and Mariana Proença. "I.nanoEnegry offers consulting, designing and prototyping service of energy harvesting solution to feed small electronic devices". The company develops "custom-made flexible generators capable of converting wasted environmental energy into electricity, including in harsh environmental conditions (...) allows the user to take advantage of heat, movement and vibration to charge batteries or feed small devices, thereby improving the Internet of Things sensing capabilities", 

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