The Institute of Physics of Materials of the University of Porto (IFIMUP) is a scientific research institute dedicated to the study of applied physics and is located in the Faculty of Science of the Oporto University, Portugal.

IFIMUP, with headquarters in Porto, Portugal, was founded under the Programme for Science and Technology of the “Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica” (JNICT) of 1987. The presented proposal was considered of high merit for the country, having meetings with the then Rector of the University of Porto (Professor Dr. Alberto Amaral) and President of JNICT (Professor Dr. Mariano Gago) modified the initial project to create the IFIMUP under the regency of the Rectory of the University of Porto. From the beginning, IFIMUP pledged with areas of Micro and Nanotechnology, having a great responsibility for its implementation at the University of Porto and with the program NANUP of the Rectory of the University of Porto in 2004. Following these efforts, IFIMUP co-founded the Associated Laboratory in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IN), together with the INESC-MN and CQFM laboratories and was one of the institutions that established a protocol with the Iberian Nanotechnology Institute (INL), aggregating other research centers of the University of Porto. Finally, in 2012 IFIMUP together with INESC-TEC was responsible for the creation of a clean room at the University of Porto under the project “Strengthen and Upgrading the Micro/Nanofabrication infrastructure of the University of Porto". This project was co-financed with European funds and institutionalized through the Rectory of the University of Porto and CEMUP. The inauguration of this new structure occurred in 12 of June of 2013.



Prof. Dr. João Pedro Araújo 

President; 2015-Nowaday

Dr. João Ventura 

Vice-President; 2015-Nowaday




Dr. Rolf Allenspach
IBM Research Division
Zurich Research Laboratory

Prof. A. Ulises Acuña
Departamento de Biofísica
Inst. Química-Física, CSIC, Madrid

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kleemann
Laboratorium für angwandte Physik
University of Duisburg-Essen

Prof. Dr. Martin Stutzmann
Walter Schottky Institut
Technical University of Munich


Rua do Campo Alegre, 687, 4169-007, Porto-Portugal

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